Actually got something accomplished today! In fact, I got something accomplished yesterday, too!  Some days I have to look hard and grab whatever I can.

Yesterday I extended our top bedsheet. Yeah, you are right. Sounds extremely exciting. But after having my feet stick out from under the bottom edge of the sheet the last couple nights, it was great to keep them covered up.

The short story is that the sheet was not the right size to comfortably use on our queen-sized  bed so I bought some fabric and sewed it to the bottom edge.

The long story is the sheet set is just the perfect color to match our brick/cranberry red bedroom walls and was marked down. (Now I know why.)  When you put it on the bed the way it should be, it was plenty long but much too narrow to cover two people. When you turn it sideways, it covered bodies just wonderfully, but came no where close to being able to tuck under the bottom of the bed and so the toes got cold.

A quick trip yesterday to Jo Ann Fabrics produced an almost perfect color match in a polyester fabric. Doesn’t match the cotton fiber content of the sheets, but this part will never touch our feet so…. strips were sewn together to make it wide enough, then sewn on to the bottom edge (or actually the original side edge) of the sheet, hemmed and…. voila! We now have a sheet that stays tucked in while we pull the rest of it up to our chins. Life is good.

And today life got better. The hot tub, which quit working on Saturday evening, is now back in service! Turned out to be a very weird set of circumstances in the breaker box that has now been corrected. My love can explain more fully if you are interested.  All I know is the water is back up to temperature, the jets are bubbling and the towels are now wet again.

But the hot tub was not my accomplishment for the day. I actually cleaned off my work table (well, most of it) and made some stationery. I’ve got a couple of sales opportunities coming up soon and need to get work ready. Tried a couple different methods of adding mud marks. Also used some old corn starch sizing as a glue (Gin, I know you are going to have a fit over this, but it was there in the same room I was and taking up space on the table…). I may have to go over those sheets…. we’ll see.

Hmmmm……….. sheets……….. seems there is a common ‘thread’ so far this week………

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  1. Hmmmm….old sizing? If it wasn’t moldy, it will probably work. That stuff is like cement once it sets. (Voice of experience speaking…the voice that left a brush in the jar…the brush and jar that went into the trash after much fruitless washing.)

  2. No mold. Just shook it up to mix thoroughly and used. Sealed in a glass jar. Seems to have worked – and allows the paper to be a bit more flexible than the white glue method.

  3. If you want to mix sizing especially for glue, mix 1 TBSP dry laundry starch (or cornstarch) in 1 TBSP cool water, then add (as quickly as you can) 1/2 cup rapidly boiling water. Makes an excellent thick, easily spreadable glue that drys clear.

  4. Gin – making a sizing specifically for glue means thinking ahead instead of using what is on hand. BTW is that the glue you use for your book work?

    Chris – I hadn’t thought about the Mali strip weaving, but I think you are right! Added an extra 16 inches to the bottom and the sheet is perfect now!

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