Ships and strings

Back at the books this week.  Teaching a book making class at the Weavers Guild this coming Sunday and going beyond folding only.  We’ll actually cover book boards and do some stitching!

In between playing with folios and covers I’ve been filling plastic bottles with dirt and water. Crazy friend Charlene, knitter par excellance, went sailing this past summer/fall with her hubby from the northeast coast, into Canada a bit, across some of the Great Lakes and then down the Mississippi, to the Ohio, the Kentucky and eventually into the Gulf, winding their way to their winter Florida home in time for the weather to warrant their being in warmer climes. And everytime they pulled up anchor, Charlene collected some ‘anchor dirt’ for me! Some of it is really interesting, a couple ochre samples, some really dark stuff. I need a dozen more empty plastic bottles, though, to finish the job (close to 60 samples). Then, when they’ve sufficiently sat, I’ll do some mud work with them and see which anchor site works best.

And I just heard about some great water treatment plant sludge nearby!  Think I’ll go digging tomorrow – hope it isn’t frozen solid!

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