Simmer in the summer

Well, there is absolutely no way to avoid the heat and humidity and still be active.  The only activity I’m intent on at the moment is to gather all the supplies needed for the 8 classes I’m teaching at Convergence 2010 Albuquerque.

Dyed some reed this morning for the jelly bean baskets and it is drying out nicely with the heat! I may have gotten the blue a bit on the dark side but it should still weave nicely.

Have some bookboards (aka cereal box cardboards!) to cut for the book classes and then decide how many examples to take for the mudcloth. The black dirt is already taped securely – hoping for lots of reds, etc. to come in with the students.

The best part about gathering my supplies is that I’m doing it in the cool, dry basement!  Any office work (copies of handouts, etc.) gets accomplished in my office which boasts windows and a fan – plus the shade of surrounding trees so it isn’t too terribly hot in there.  Hot enough, though.

Off to the basement to cool down and cut!

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