Studio and Sunshine

 I can give my teaching and traveling shoes a breather till the end of the month.

Taught a local mudcloth class today during which some very nice work was accomplished. My next assignment will be gut for the local basket guild, then some mudcloth in Michigan, basketry in Indiana, installation work also in IN, ….

What I need to focus on now is doing some artwork!  Mudcloth keeps calling to me as I want to try some different approaches since the trip to Mali. I also need some basketry developed not only for the installation work, but also for a companion exhibit. And some work for an invitational at Mobilia Gallery in MA this fall. And a possible installation piece inside our local library.

Certainly enough to keep me busy and off the streets. And in my studio. Which is downstairs in the basement without a window. And the weather is extremely gorgeous right now and predicted to remain so for the week.

Sigh. It just isn’t fair.

I may have to claim the deck as studio space this week.

Gotta get my vitamin D, doncha know, from all that promised sunshine!

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  1. Hi Judy,
    It is wonderful to find another 3-D person, and especially a 3-D fiber person who blogs. Believe me, I have been looking for some time. Your work and interests are a wonderful find for me. I use mud in my 3-D vessels and I did shibori dyeing for some time. The combination of surface design and 3-D work seems to keep you very busy. The 3-D work, is that what you consider your artwork? I hope to see some postings of new work soon.

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