Studio table

Today was a chilly, overcast, gray day – just perfect for being in the basement in my studio!  Unfortunately, everything else in the world – or so it seemed – was also in the basement in my studio. And piled high on my work table.  It became a repository for most of my life these past four months.


After just a few hours of determined effort I could actually see large portions of the table. And then I stopped work on the table to put together a ‘book’ of 2007 Christmas pictures from family and friends.  The cards and pictures were sitting there in plain sight and I’d just have to do it another day if I didn’t do it now.   Maybe tomorrow I’ll do the pictures from 2008.  Maybe not.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll finish cleaning the table.  And then again, maybe not.  There is actually quite a bit of space that is open… I could work around things… push stuff aside to make room for current projects… just work with what is still on the surface…

Soon – I’ll finish cleaning it soon.  🙂

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  1. You are too funny. My basement work space is a disaster – all flat surfaces piled high. Now the space up over the garage is getting covered also.

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