Sun and Snow

The travel home was long (I figure I was up for about 44 hours with a couple catnaps on the two flights) and uneventful. Thanks to everyone for their prayers for safety – we landed in the snow without any difficulty and before any delays occurred. Clearing customs was not complicated and the baggage all showed up.

I must say, having 16 degrees F hit my face was very welcome after the heat of Mali. We all were glad that we were there during the ‘cold’ season! It was funny to see the Malians wearing heavy winter jackets and knitted ski caps to keep warm while we were trying to cool off.

OH! Having a keyboard that doesn’t stick, skip or have mixed up letters is such a joy! Even though the ‘flavor’ of the trip will change (e.g. no more “q” in place of “a”), the ease with which I can write will offset anything missing.

Haven’t downloaded any pictures yet. I did make it through all the waiting emails and postal mail.

I woke up thinking about fritters and thick, dark honey in my hot water. That’s what got me through the Dogon country – early breakfasts of fritters (millet flour deep fried in peanut oil, we think) and baguettes with butter and jam and honey washed down with instant Nescafe, tea and hot water.

The sun is shining here – a welcome sight on the snow. The sun in Mali was only missing in action one day when the clouds showed up – a nice relief from the heat that brought no moisture, just less heat. I’m hoping that those days of Mali sun will see me through the grey days we have ahead of us.
I’ve got my purchases sitting in the garage taking advantage of the cold temperatures – just in case any little critters tagged along. Will probably bring it all in by the weekend and will relay stories of our bartering and trophies. Also hope to get to the pictures soon.

Must see to some Weavers Guild business for tomorrow….

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