Sunday, Sunday

Weeeellllllll……….. there is a whole lot to tell you about, but………….. we just finished a lovely chicken stir fry dinner sharing a bottle of Puddleduck Reisling between the three of us and then topped the meal with fresh cut up cantaloupe drenched in brandy and enhanced with vanilla ice cream. It is after 10pm and the eyes are drooping. I don’t think I’ll write much now!

Talk with you tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Monday (now) Judy!

    Sunday Sunday in Ohio! and the attitude is rain rain go away — far far away!

    Our flooded/lake style back yard is typical of others in the region as we are under flood watches from here to — well – just about everywhere! It rained all day yesterday and the day before. The clouds are doing their best to conceal most sunshine – but the birds are loving it! Bird song abounds . Do you hear birds in Australia? Or just the thumping of kangaroo hops on the ground? lol

    Today WGUC hosts a special “thank you” event at the building prior to the CSO performance of the station’s next commissioned work. Wine will no doubt be served – but not Puddleduck . (which now seems all too appropriate considering the aforementioned rain… )

    I shall steal away to the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show downtown at Duke Center and look for some springtime inspiration.

    Delicious wines seems ever present at all your meal tables! I wonder how scrambled eggs, goetta and chardonnay would go over here in the Nati?? hmmm 😉

    1. Sure hope the ‘lake’ in your backyard doesn’t grow too much – and certainly not big enough to invade the house. Hmmmm, haven’t done wine with breakfast yet – might give it a try!

    2. Plenty of birdsong, Susan. The magpies are especially lovely. The parrot this morning was a squawker. Lots that I don’t recognize that fill the air.

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