I’m into class prep mode big time right now. Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay will happen in a couple weeks and I have three classes and a basketry panel to be ready for.

With all the different materials needed for the classes (mud, books, gut) I decided to ship them ahead of time. The mud class stuff went out today in two and a half boxes. The other half box was filled with bookmaking books and small goodies for the gut class.

The thing is, when I teach I like to have books and samples available for the students to use as inspiration. When I drive to a class, I can just load up the car and it works great – I typically have a plethora of stuff for the students. Flying creates a bit of a problem in deciding what samples and books HAVE to go and what could be left home.

Now that I’m working on the materials for the book class, the hardest thing was to decide which ones to teach! I have a couple standard books, but then I’m always coming across wonderful new bindings or foldings…

The gut class is going to be a bit tricky. Most of the supplies can be shipped ahead, but I’ll be bringing the frozen gut with me and planning on NO delays so I can get the package into a freezer before it starts to warm up too much. Shipping some room deoderizers, just in case.

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  1. Jackie –
    Can’t wait to play with you! Hmmm, that maybe doesn’t sound right. Start again: Can’t wait to have you play with me! Hmmmm, maybe not that, either. How’s this: Can’t wait for all the fun to begin in the classes!
    Do make sure to introduce yourself to me. Just checked out your blog – fun and exciting work you have going on!

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