Sure glad you were not holding your breath…

…waiting for me to make another post here! Hah! Already a year has passed since my last post and a lot of life has happened.


Two major developments: I have removed my work from Gallery 708 in Cincinnati (not enough sales of my work after a year, unfortunately) and I have officially retired from teaching workshops! A number of reasons for the second decision, not least of which is wanting more time to do my own work.  I will miss the meeting and ‘playing’ with like-minded folks – and visiting with those wonderful fiber friends around the world! – but I will not miss the prep and schlepping of all the materials necessary for a good workshop nor the hours/days of travel time away from home.


I’ve spent more time this year with some of the grandkids doing ‘grandma duty’ and I realize this is the time to do it, while they are still small and interested in having grandma around. I think my ‘retirement days’ will get filled pretty well with grands!


Still part of the Studio Collection Fall Sale group (Saturday, November 17 this year at Harmony Hall in Spring Grove Village, Cincinnati). And still very active in my pursuit of mud and contact dyeing perfection. Papermaking, bookmaking and stitching rank high on the list, too. I may not be trotting around teaching in the future, but I will remain fiberly active!


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