The RAM!

Have to fill you in on a detail from our drive back to Perth.

When we first drove to Lake Grace we used a route that took us through the town of Wagin (long ‘a’, soft ‘g’). Stopped in a park to use the public facilities with the great paper towels – very nice park, BTW, and ate a quick lunch. Bit of historical area to drive through and then out of town and down the road.

The return trip used the same route but in reverse, of course. This time … There was this sudden vision of a HUGE white ram’s head looming over the trees – the same trees where we had sheltered under for our lunch four days earlier! Had to stop again, but this time to check out the Big Ram that Wagin is proudly displaying. Sheep country, of course. EVERYTHING on the ram is HUGE!

Can’t believe we missed it the first time through!




Back to Perth…

…for the next phase of this journey.

The second day of mudcloth went well and everyone seemed happy when they left. Some lovely work was created with an array of amazing colors of the earth. (Pics up when I can!)

Actually got to see more than just the town after class. Kerrie led a few of us to her farm outside Lake Grace. Lots of acreage which included crop fields (they raise wheat, barley and rape seed, rotating the crops annually) and lots of the remains of ancient sea beds which are now salt lakes – all of which are dry and crusty on top/body-snatching muddy underneath.

From the house she drove through the bush to a reservation that borders her property. We parked next to the dam and walked up to the top of the rock from which we could see just about forever. No sunset to view due to clouds, but the chilled wine was good.

The rock, called Moon Rock, has something in it that reflects moonlight – which we also were not able to see tonight. But it was still, desolate, full of lichens and bush that will burst into color as soon as the rains come in earnest. Absolutely gorgeous in it’s waiting state.

After a full night of welcome rain (their last rain was October!) I am saying goodbye to Lake Grace early this morning – well, actually saying see you again as the invitation has already been extended to come back. Lovely spot of earth, rock solid people, abundant spirit – I will be back!

Map of Lake Grace hanging in the Inn.


Main Street Lake Grace looking due east.