The numbers

This past week by the numbers:

1 planned surgery (or as they called it: TAKE DOWN!)

2 problems (1 known, 1 unexpected)

1 severe kink in the rectum

almost 6 hours of anesthesia

4 days in the hospital

3 laporoscopic holes

1 closed stoma hole

12-15 inches of colon in my freezer

2-3 inches of rectum left in my body

bunches of professional and caring nurses and doctors

1 extremely protective and supportive husband

1 amusingly attentive and much appreciated younger brother

1 official worrier – job well done!

tons of good thoughts, prayers, wishes that have graced me

a stack of books to keep me occupied

All that is left is the healing to finish up.  Life is good.

5 Replies to “The numbers”

  1. And you know none of us will quit being protective or attentive or quit sending good thoughts and prayers or quit worrying until you’re well, so HEAL! (((((Judy)))))

  2. And Judy, boy do I ever agree with Gin! Here’s wishing you the best doing another recovery period!!

    Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! I can’t believe everything you’ve been through…

    As for us here, while you were having your latest surgery, I was falling detaching the patella tendon on my left leg! Ouch! (no where near so bad as to be in your league) 😉

    And while you were getting out of the hospital, I was having orthopedic surgery to stitch/ wire/ screw things back together. Only out patient though, so Maureen got to be my nursing staff.

    I hope we both can get a little better every day until we’re both where we should be! Don’t know what routines you’ll be following but you can find me doing physical therapy for the 2 – 3 months once the tendon heals enough.

    Hope all your family spoils you dreadfully and that you can have as good a Thanksgiving as possible given the circumstances.

    You’re in our thoughts and prayers! – David (& Maureen)

  3. Bless you both! I will take all the prayers, good wishes, and attention as you want to spend on me!

    Sorry to hear of your fall, Dave – not good! Sure hope the healing happens fast for you.

    Wonderful Thanksgiving Day to all!

  4. Eileen – I’m planning on using it in a piece of artwork. I’m assuming it is similar to the pig gut I use on a regular basis, but I’ll have to see. Won’t try using it till the weather warms as I want to be able to work outside (not sure what the smell with be like!). Just trying to put a bit of myself into my art and no sense throwing away good stuff! 🙂

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