This and that

The double wall hat is no more.  With a bit of frogging and restarting, it has morphed into a sweater or vest or something on that order. Still using the two yarns, but knitting them separately. Making stripes and blocks of color, sometimes with a bit of ribbing, mostly just garter stitch. I’ll eventually check it against a pattern to make sure it will fit.  ITMT, it is a comfortable thing to pick up when watching the bit of TV that I do.


Working with 7th graders again this week making twined baskets.  Or at least I started today.  We’ll see if I actually get the next two visits in with them this week – the weather event of the winter seems poised and ready to strike our area, which will in all likelihood cause school cancellations.


Sure hope we don’t get the ice that is predicted. That is always so tough on the trees, birds and animals.

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