Three weeks out

Three weeks after the big blow out and I’ve reached some milestones: walked a mile yesterday, cooked dinner last night and did a bit of laundry (in the basement) today! I’m also finding that I can concentrate longer on details which is very encouraging.

My days still are filled with resting and eating and walking (sometimes in that order, sometimes not) with a bit more of regular stuff/life added bit by bit.

A BIG bit of regular stuff/life is happening tomorrow – I’m flying to SC for a week on the beach with some fiber friends! This was a previously planned trip that my doc sees no reason why I shouldn’t fulfill. The home health care nurse officially signed off on me today, too, so I’m on my own to finish the healing process. The original intent for the trip was to do a lot of fiber techniques sharing while together – which I’m sure will still happen although I may be more a watcher than a doer.

Need to finish packing for the trip. You all have a great week – as I intend to do!  Will be thinking of all of you as I lay in the sun and walk the beach.   😉

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  1. Hi Judy!

    Glad to hear you making progress back to being ‘Normal’… whatever that is! 😉 and that you’re going to get to have some good R & R time with friends. You didn’t mention the big wind and its consequences over the last week so hope that didn’t impact you or your boys adversely. Things are about back to normal (Arggghhh… there’s that word again!) here in White Oak/ Monfort Heights and the refrigerator and freezer again have some good food inside. I don’t think Maureen will want another blueberry bagel with or without peanut butter for some time to come!

    Have a good trip!!! – Dave (& Maureen)

  2. Judy!

    Just learned of your sudden surgery and delighted to hear that you’re on the road to recovery!
    (thanks to Gin!)
    As one who has had more dental surprises than I care to think about, this scared me good!
    Have a great time at the beach!


  3. Wow! I thought it was bad being without power for 8 days – the hardest part was not being electronically in-touch with friends and family – not even by cell phone! Thanks to Linda for reaching us to give us your news. Geesch! Glad to hear you are on the up-side of recovery. Prayers for continued healing. I suspect the beach will be quite the perfect setting – remember laughing increases good cell growth! (but no gut-splitting laughter…lol)
    Ginny V

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