To be or not….

The play definitely was the ‘thing’ last night!

After a full day of playing with mud, eating, laughing, eating some more (I quite like the custom of tea time mid morning and afternoon complete with sweets, savories and fruit and squeezed between breakfast, lunch and suppa) we took in the local production of ‘Harry Potter and the Total Ripoff’.

Performed by a traveling band of six thespians, they were aided by seven cute and talented local girls and boy, ages maybe six through eleven. A play within a play, it was a semi musical spoof on the Potter series with some Dr Who, James Bond and generic murder mystery stuff thrown in. What a hoot! Lots of cliches, sub texts, audience participation and one liners (the ‘cat scan’ by a stuffed cat was classic). The singing was terrifically terrible as was the portrayal of some of the characters. We just about laughed our socks off!

Plus, as it seems to be quite the custom, everyone brought food to share and there was a feast before, during and after the production.

With warmer air temps as night fell, it was a most perfect evening!

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