Today’s color is ORANGE!

As in Osage Orange. Trees. The long line of which front our property along the road. Which have been regularly cut over the years on the yard side due to the power lines that go through them. Leaving the road side of the trees top heavy.  Which tends to lean the trees in that direction. And causes scary thoughts of the trees toppling over into the road on top of someone. (We did have one pull out of the ground several years ago – not a pretty site.)

Today those scary thoughts have stopped – we had a tree trimmer come in and take care of the road side of the trees. All nicely trimmed up. There will actually be sunshine on that section of road this summer!

And the best part of the whole process is that I now have a bag of ground up osage orange limbs. Out of which I have culled the yellow and orange bits from the inner part of the trees. To be soaked for a lovely dye. (The other mangled bits will also get soaked but I don’t expect as much color from them.) Which my love just shakes his head about.

2 Replies to “Today’s color is ORANGE!”

  1. Hmmmmm….the osage orange is in the mulberry family. Wish you had taken some of the small limbs and attempted to strip the bast. I’d be willing to wager it would have worked up easily and made lovely paper.

  2. Darn. Well, I can pick out the strips of bark from the bag and see what they do. They way the trees grow around here, there will ALWAYS be a supply of small limbs!

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