Twining with knitting

Not much going on as I wrestle with a cold/flu/crud. I hope I’ve turned the corner on it – feeling a bit better today.

ITMT, I started a little twined knitting project.  (Twining must be in my subconscious at the moment since I’m getting some pieces ready for my class at CraftSummer!) I had some self-patterning sock yarn on hand, so I stared what I’m expecting will be fingerless gloves – just to try the technique.  Interesting look as the color patterns merge together…

Something about twining is very relaxing. It can put you in a zone, once you’ve got it down, and the world goes on around you. That is about what I need right now…………

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  1. Hi Judy, I’m Jill from the land down under, Australia. Hope you are feeling better. I am a Basket maker and Teacher and came across your Wild Baskets article. Would you mind if I shared this with a class, definetly noting Copyright to you. Jill 😉

    1. Jill – So nice of you to ‘drop by’ my blog! I’d be delighted to have you share the Wild Baskets article with your class. And if anything comes from that sharing, I’d love to see photos of their work!

      Thanks so much for asking! Judy

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