Unwanted company

Here we were, minding our own business, celebrating my oldest sister’s birthday with the added celebration of it being mother’s day. To cap off the celebration, M and I planned a soak in the hot tub. To that end, I hadn’t minded missing my periodic soaks throughout the week (due to all the rain) leading up to the celebration, knowing that there was a luxurious treat awaiting.

The day was sunny and chilly – perfect for a water temp of 101-102 degrees F. Armed with fluffy towels and too early for wine and cheese, we lifted the tub cover.

Out popped a mouse! And it had a lovely little floating island of dried moss and leaf bits drifting around trailing debris through the depths of the tub.

I readily admit to having my mom’s mice genes in that I “EEK” every time I see a mouse. I have NOT ever climbed on a chair, though. and living in the country surrounded by woods, it has been impossible to keep them out of the garage, shed and ceiling/walls of the house.

They have invaded my basketry area in the past and I have liberally used traps (both humane and non) and D-Con. They eat the traps (as well as the bait) without getting caught and store all the D-Con pellets in special little caches throughout my stuff. Over time, I’ve at least been able to keep their evidence out of sight in my space.

But the HOT TUB! This space is PERSONAL!

Yesterday’s guest was promptly removed (tossed overboard and scampered away) and the island mess cleaned up fairly well. M assured me this was no worse than all her lifeguard days of cleaning out pools, so we did actually soak a bit. And then, this morning, just to check…..

THREE MICE! A momma and two younguns enjoying another floating island of moss bits. Plus they had chewed a hole through the vinyl skirting.

This means war, now!

Nothing on-line references mice in the actual tub of a hot tub. Mostly mice have gotten into the cabinet and/or motor area. My hot tub guy was astounded about the mice being in the water. He’s gonna check with his service guys, but thinks maybe a high level of chlorine might do the trick. He also likes D-Con, but I certainly don’t want those pellets ending up in the tub, too.

I don’t want to bait traps because that will also attract other varmits to the deck. And I feel bad about going after a critter outside (after all, that IS their space) but they have invaded MY space! A cat might work, but that means trying to keep one around the house, on the outside, without it eating other things and then not being hungry enough to chase the mice. Dilemmas!

But I WILL get my hot tub back.

And the mice WILL stay out!



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  1. A tip to discourage the mice. I had a crew that helped to keep them out. Lived under the tub…and only slithered out at night. Quite a handsome snake!

  2. We use Bounce laundry sheets to keep them out of our camper in the winter. They work great. Maybe stash some around the edges under the cover or wherever they are coming in.

    1. Linda, as a follow up to your Bounce suggestion, I just went to the store to pick up a smelly variety since I usually have the non-scent kind. And all they had were scents like Spring Rain and Spring Flowers and Mountain Mist – all these lovely outdoor smells! Sure hope the mice don’t like flowers!


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  3. Have you considered glue boards? I swore by them when I was on the farm. Haven’t had any problems here in town.

    1. Never saw glue boards for sale – did you make your own? And then how did you get rid of the critters off the boards?


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      1. You can find them right beside the mouse traps most places. They’ll catch mice, insects and snakes. Yes, snakes. These things are STICKY! You don’t/ can’t take anything off the glue boards. You just toss them in the trash. The humane thing to do is to dispatch the catch, but they’re not going anywhere if you don’t. Had to laugh at friend who caught a mouse on a glue board and tried to kill it by putting the board behind the front wheel of her car and backing over it. Oh, the mouse was killed, absolutely no doubt about that, but in the process the glue board stuck to her tire. She tried everything to remove it. Nothing worked. She finally had to let it wear off.

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        1. Gin – too funny! I’ll have to look for those. I guess I was always focused on the traps and D-Con before. Trying out some dryer sheets tonight…

  4. I have to say I did laugh a bit when I read about your mouse episodes, but I know you will come up with a great solution. Gosh, a hot tub sounds pretty good right now – wish I had one.

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