Variety show

I’ve been remiss in posting this month – sorry about that!  A variety of fiber projects have been keeping me busy:

– Spinning for a contest project for Schacht Spindle’s 40th anniversary. Started out doing four different colors of wool on Navajo spindles (which are Schacht-made) and have since switched to a Louet wheel once I learned that any spinning to be submitted as Schacht-spun needed to be done on one of  their WHEELS – which I don’t own. Oh, well. The wheel does goes faster than the thigh spindle. Plus my hand and thigh were starting to feel the effects.  I can at least do the weaving on a Schacht loom – my Baby Wolf.

– Taught two library-for-kids programs and had all the accompanying prep for them. The morning downtown program was mudcloth – prepped for 60 kids and 5 showed up!  The afternoon Westwood program was gut masks for teens – teens and summer don’t mix well for adhering to schedules and/or commitments although we did have two show up.

– Did a bit of sewing on a bicycle project for my love – he wanted a waterproof pouch for his Garmin that could easily attach to the handlebars and be visible while riding. He supplied the waterproof map case and I modified it. He is all set now for RAGBRAI.

– Had a friend over to do some gut play – was supposed to have two friends show up but the one who had been after me the longest to do this passed away unexpectedly last week. I’m hoping Sharon can play to her heart’s content now.

– Using up the leftover soy and mud mixtures from the kids’ class and the extra silk scarves I have had on hand. Trying to duplicate an effect I got on some scarves this past winter, but so far no luck. Of course, I did not make notes on what I did the first time through and my memory of events is obviously not on the mark. Either that or it was only a fluke that will never happen again in the universe.  (Or as my mom would say, I didn’t hold my mouth right.) Anticipating these scarves will find their way to either the Weavers Guild Fall Sale or up the Indianapolis Art Center’s gift shop.

– Working on using up some yarns for the Weavers Guild. Two scarves down and a hat in process. Diagonal knitting on the scarves. I expect these will be in their Fall Sale in November.

– Visited the Cincinnati Book Arts Society’s exhibit BOOKWORKS 10 at the main library. My “Gourd Book” is in the exhibit. Nice to have a piece in such good company!

– Submitted – and was accepted – several outdoor installation ideas for the “Earth” exhibit coming up at the Kennedy Heights Art Center. I’ll be creating random woven orbs on site this coming week and installing in time for the opening on Saturday, July 18. Maybe even have a bit of hands-on orb-making during the reception.

And I’ve started to think about a redesign for my website. Will need lots more thought…….and then the effort……..

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