I’m sitting here contemplating the backyard as I wait for the call from the hot tub folks to say that ours is in. And the backyard is in full bloom of violets and spring beauties. My love hasn’t had a chance to mow that part of our property yet.

I’m rather partial to violets. I think they are quite lovely, not temperamental at all, very self-sufficient and sturdy. The groundskeeper around here doesn’t like them. Says they are invasive, hard to get rid of and not grass. Well, I’ll concede that last point.

I would think that a ground covering that doesn’t grow tall – which means it doesn’t need cutting – and doesn’t really need any maintenance would be a boon to a backyard with a slope and lots of shade. That and the moss that grows between the violets make a lovely looking carpet. The few clumps of grass, regardless of the variety, look sort of pathetic back there.

Actually, the vast majority of green in the backyard is made up of all sorts of non-grass plants. Calling them ‘weeds’ may be too harsh. They are just not cultivated nor were they intentionally planted there. I know there are wild strawberries in amongst the violets and moss – and a ton of other lovely things that, if left to grow in peace, provide interesting blossoms throughout the spring and summer.

Alas, they will probably have their heads knocked off the next dry spell we have; the lawn mower already came out for the front and side yards. I probably should pick some of the violets today.

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