Walking While Driving

A little road trip is always fun.

While being a good goddaughter in upper Ohio, I slipped in some time with the three boys and their loves and then rounded out the travel by presenting a program and mini-workshop on mudcloth close to Chicago. The only problem with doing all that is making sure you have all your directions and times straight, and all the appropriate stuff with you. So I wind up with different suitcases and bags in the car for different days and locations. And hopefully I remember which bag and suitcase is for which day and occasion.

The driving time gave me lots of hours with my books-on-tape. Listened to Random Walk by Lawrence Block. The jacket credits him with all sorts of literary awards and a couple mystery series that I haven’t read yet. Apparently, this novel is an early one of his. It is called a visionary fantasy – had a hippies feel to it as well as a bit of Gandhi, Pope Paul II and Forrest Gump. Interesting. Certainly gave me something to think about.

This week I get to try my hand at power point. I’ve scanned lots of slides – now to put them into some sort of order for a presentation at our local library on Wednesday. I’ve been told it is easy to do…….

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  1. “Easy” and “Powerpoint”? Hmmmm…. Pray that you don’t need to consult the help files. They’re written in early geekish. Have fun. 🙂

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