Wash Day

The sunny days we had earlier this week induced me to spend time on the deck. And what better to do in the sun than wash some dirt!

I’ve collected a fair amount of different dirts/muds from around the country as I’ve conducted mudcloth workshops. They keep piling up in baggies and boxes and plastic containers. Nothing wrong with that. Other than it is a deterrent to actually using the stuff since it is more or less hidden in the depths of my studio shelving.

A box of lovely looking mud came from Florida’s Lake Louisa State Parks Big Creek the other day – and that got me started. I pulled up all the empty orange juice containers that have been waiting patiently for a second life and put them to work. A box of knee-high pantyhose, a couple of pitchers, a basin or two plus all the small dirt containers that I could easily dislodge from their studio sanctuary …. and I was elbow deep in different colors.washed dirts

A couple really nice reds, some various shades of brown/tan, a couple with green tones, a lovely yellow and a grey clay that went on forever.


After all the colors settled down, I have just little bits of some of them – and lots of the grey clay. More to wash, but I need to collect a few more containers before I do that again. Besides, the forecast calls for rain.

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  1. Hi Judy!

    I’m sitting here at my computer with an amused look on my face as I contemplate ‘washing dirt’. Visions of hanging my yard’s grass on a clothesline while I wash the dirt with a carpet cleaner pass through my mind. Ok, I guess I’m just easily amused! 😉

    Anyway, I find the whole process interesting (my old anthropology training coming out I guess) and the technology involved in your creations. I never would have guessed… Dave M.

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