Windy Wednesday

The winds were blowing this morning and are at it again tonight. Mostly sunny clear skies today which was grand as last night was REALLY chilly (I think I heard in the 40s) – a four blanket night. I’m in a room with four bunk beds – three of which have become my desk/dresser/table for the duration – so there are four wool blankets available. I’ve added one almost every night and was so glad for that fourth one last night! And then this morning at breakfast we realized there was a heater in the building… duh!

Tonight is noticeably warmer even though the winds are blowing. Still won’t be turning the heater on.

Our workshop space is in the Whale Room of the Brambuk Cultural Center. It is a lovely building, very thoughtfully designed with a lot of input from the aborigines. The main overhead beam in the room is the whale’s backbone while the side ceiling beams are its ‘ribs’ – so we are sort of in the belly of the whale! I’ve been told the roof is in the shape of a bird in flight (I’ve forgotten which bird) with graceful dips and curves.

Most days we have had visitors come through the classroom interested in either what we were doing or the artwork and artifacts on the walls. Today’s host of visitors was busloads of kids – maybe 7 or 8th graders? – taking guided tours through the center as well as around the grounds. There is a lovely winding ramp from the bottom level (where we are) to the top level (which houses a super basketry exhibit) with lots of historical info along the ramp. I hope to actually get a chance to read the info tomorrow!

Spent a not-too-rowdy evening with my patanque team members in a house they have rented for the conference. Really tons of space in the house. A delicious meal of Chicken Grampians complete with cashews,  a couple bottles of wine and some lovely conversation liberally laced with laughter – quite nice! I’m already missing their easy  camaraderie.

Ed.: pics from the soft sculpture class now online.

2 Replies to “Windy Wednesday”

  1. Hi Judy! Loving your entries! The windy weather sounds like the perfect time to try out some mud-cloth kites…
    Sun is out today in the Nati – brisk temps with no wind. Things should get warmer and BE warmer by the time you return – if you can believe the forces of nature still hold true. Our evidence? The sprigs of forsythia that Jack shared with us are blooming atop my piano!

    Your blog fans expect some recipes now that you have us drooling over those yummy food descriptions. Well – we can handle the wine prep no problem.
    Peace, Be Well and Perhaps if you hunker down under those blankets and dream of your hot tub, you will feel warmer 🙂

    1. In Melbourne tonight in a real house – not a leaky cabin, so I don’t expect to need more than one blanket – or maybe the doona (quilted coverlet). Hope I don’t miss all of spring!

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