Woo Hoo!

I beat out the snow showers yesterday by cooking up some contact dyed clothing on Monday. Unbundled them yesterday and am loving the results! Still need to be rinsed/washed.
The real surprise came from the avocado skins and seeds. Normally I get a nice green from the skins and a salmon color from the cut seeds. This time – blue with just a hint of salmon! Thinking it might have something to do with the egg whites I dipped everything in, but that is not clear just yet.
I so love the magic and surprise in the dye pot!







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  1. When you get back, I want to spend time with you and learn something about natural dying. I know nothing about it and it looks absolutely fascinating.

  2. Wow that looks really cool! To paraphrase – its like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get…happy surprises!

    1. Yep, rusty nails, but I’ve done that before without the blues showing up. Lots of variables to sort out:: using dye bath that had been wintering outside (lots of freezing and some thaws), cooking it outside on a day of cooler temps (in the low 40s F), using a pot whose bottom had rounded out due to the frozen dye bath (which I didn’t realize until after I was finished) so the water temp never got as high as I thought it was going to, cooked it longer (about 4.5 hours) to compensate for the cooler air temp, used an egg white dip when I realized I didn’t have any soy milk on hand and I wanted to try an added protein on a synthetic material to give it every advantage of working. The total combination worked!

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