Workshops No Longer Officially Offered

I have officially retired from pursuing teaching obligations! I figured I would go out at the top of my game and spend more time doing my own work. I ‘may’ be talked into sharing my knowledge …  If you have a group interested in one of my fiber specialties below or would like private lessons, let’s talk…

Surface Design:

Mudcloth (Modified Bogolanfini)

Natural Dyeing Serendipity: Contact Natural Dyeing on Paper and Cloth

Actually Perfect Paper (plant pulp method)

Practically Perfect Paper (recycled pulp method)

Capture that Thought (simple book binding and journal making, artist books)

It’s Just Paper!

Paperless Books (felt, cloth, stitch)


Basics of Basketry: Plait, Plain Weave, Twine, Coil

Double Pie Basket, Ribbed Style

Gutsy Stuff

Market Basket

Random Weave Basketry

Soft Sculpture Twining

Wool Drying Basket


Of Boredom, Boxes and Boundaries (sparking creativity)

Scrumble Rumble (freeform knitting and crochet)

String Theory (all the things that can be done with string/yarn/cordage!)

Mudcloth (Bogolanfini Modified)
The seemingly simple white design on black background cloth represents the serious artistic manner of telling the stories of village life in Mali, Africa. Learn about the traditional method of bogolanfini, dying cotton cloth with mud, as well as how that process is modified two different ways in the Dominic version. During the workshop you will create your own story designs using local muds on cotton and other natural fiber cloth. Connect with the earth and gain an appreciation of the Mali culture. ~ Beginners/intermediate dyers welcome.
One-, two-, three-, four- or five-day workshop (the more time allowed, the more cloth can be covered and more results seen in class)

Natural Dyeing Serendipity: Contact Natural Dyeing on Paper and Cloth
Using only what nature offers, dye paper and cloth with the lovely colors of the world around us.  We will collect interesting local organics, place them on paper and/or cloth, bundle, wrap, tie and simmer them to extract the available color. To complement the process, compost and rust dyeing on both paper and cloth will be explored, as well as the combination of all of the above to see how the results change. Expect lovely surprises as we discover what has happened with our bundled treasures. The more time we have, the more that can be tried, allowing the bundles to cool ~ Beginners/all levels of dyers welcome in this non-scientific workshop. Minimal harmful chemicals involved.
One-day or two-day workshop

Actually Perfect Paper
All real paper is made from plant materials, so we will gather some and do it right! Make your own mould and deckle while cooking up some local plants, then see what develops. Each plant has its own characteristics and will produce unique paper. Beginners/all levels welcome.
One-day or two-day workshop (minimum 8 hours)

Practically Perfect Paper!
Environmentally sensitive, this simple and fast approach to paper making recycles paper. Make your own mould and deckle, try different vat systems, pull sheets, pour and mold pulp, use inclusions – become intimate with paper from the fibers up! ~ Beginners/all levels welcome.
Half-day, one-day or two-day workshop

Capture that Thought!
Journaling is a great asset to art making . Learn some simple bookmaking and binding techniques that are ideal for journals and special narratives while actually making a number of small scale samples. During the process, consider the vast possibilities for “telling your story”. Beginners welcome.
Half-day or one-day workshop

It’s Just Paper
Paper – it is everywhere. It has been cut, folded, spun, woven, punched, glued, waxed, sewn, painted, planted, dyed, wrapped… It is used for drawing, writing, printing, packaging, cleaning, personal hygiene, plus industrial and construction processes as well as money. Made from wood, plant fibers and recycled clothing, it is so much a part of our lives that we tend to overlook its value. Join me for some serious play as we do a myriad of things to and with paper starting with making a journal for your workshop experiences. ~Beginners/all levels welcome.
One-, two-, three-, four- or five-day workshop (the more time allowed, the more techniques can be sampled with more results in class)

Paperless Books
Using basic bookmaking techniques (including slot and tab, pamphlet stitch, dos-a-dos and stab binding) create one or more unique soft books from shrunken wool sweaters. Embroider/stitch your content as time permits. Ideal for many things including a child’s book, needle case and memory holder. ~ All levels of bookmakers and stitchers welcome.
One-day or two-day workshop

Basics of Basketry
Learn the four fundamental techniques of basketry (coiling, plain weave, plaiting and twining) while creating a small functional basket in each technique. Individual expression will be encouraged as you come to understand basic basketry theory. ~ No prior experience necessary.
Four-session workshop, minimum 4 hours each session

Double Pie Basket, Ribbed Style
Going to a picnic or church supper and need to carry a couple of delicious dishes? This handy double pie is ideal with a swing shelf and a lid that converts to a tray. Made of a 14” high D-handle and six 12″ diameter hardwood hoops, you will drill, peg and lash it all together, while very little weaving is actually needed. Ribbing fills the structure of the shelf and lid. On-site dyeing is optional to personalize your basket. A special button, twig or buckle secures the shelf using leather straps. Well worth buying pies to put in it! ~ Rib construction experience helpful, but not necessary.
One-day workshop (minimum 8 hours)

Gutsy Stuff
When not being used to hold sausage together, gut is a very elastic material that sticks to just about anything and dries firm and semi-transparent when stretched. It can hold structures together, be used like a string, create walls or form a flexible shape. A great material for 3-D use, play outside the box – or rather, outside the tube – in this off-the-wall workshop. ~ Beginners/all levels welcome.
Half-day, one-day or two-day workshop

Market Basket
The market basket is one of the traditional styles that proves its worth every time you use it. Depending on how much time you can invest in the making of it, your market basket can be a mini version that is just right to hold CDs in the car or regulation-sized using a 12 inch handle – just right for a ton of uses. ~ No prior basketry experience needed, but welcomed.
One-day workshop (minimum 8 hours)

Random Weave Basketry
Take a mess of material and put some order into it as you learn a couple basic starts and the principles of random weave. As a technique that is more suited to sculptural than functional forms, random weave manages to gracefully maintain the integrity of the structure. Make a medium-sized basket using round rattan reed; create a second one as your interest and energy allow. The few rules that govern this technique are meant to be broken! ~ All levels of basketry expertise welcome.
Half-day or one-day workshop

Soft Sculpture Twining
Take supple, pliable cordage and create a unique sculptural form that is surprisingly sturdy. Increasing/decreasing shape, adding spokes, causing ripples and taking care of the unruly ends will be covered. Creating your own cordage will also be covered. ~ Knowledge of twining is helpful (either basket or loom twining experience); it can be learned in class.
One-day workshop (minimum 6 hours)

Wool Drying Basket
Using basic plaiting and plain weave techniques, create the perfect basket for drying your wool or holding your laundry. Natural rattan will be woven in this 12” x 12” x 8-12”carry-all. ‘Feet’ will be added to lift the basket off the floor. ~ No prior basketry experience needed, but welcomed.
One-day workshop (minimum 8 hours)

Of Boredom, Boxes and Boundaries
Stuck in a creative rut and can’t seem to find your way out? Bored by doing the same thing over and over again and looking for something to spark your imagination? Come get energized, unstuck and excited about your fiber work. Learn some tips and tricks for getting the ‘juices’ moving again and get ‘out of the box’. – All are welcome.
Half-day workshop

Scrumble Rumble
If you can knit/purl and single/double crochet, you can scrumble! Go freeform as you use up bits of yarns creating a highly unorthodox knitted and/or crocheted wrist wrap or mini pouch for starters. After that, the sky is the limit on what you can make! Novice and beyond are welcome. Do NOT bring any preconceived ideas of what you will be doing!
One-day or two-day workshop (minimum 6 hours)

String Theory
Play with string in all thicknesses and lengths, with a variety of tools and hand techniques. Start with a cat’s cradle and move on to arm and finger knitting, finger crochet, scrumbling, twining, knotless netting, stitching, embroidery, macrame… even put them together in any combination! Strings/yarns/threads/ropes/cordage – all are good to use. ~ Basic knitting and crochet knowledge helpful but not necessary.
One-, two-, three-, four- or five-day workshop (the more time allowed, the more techniques can be covered) If interested in less than five days, please contact me to discuss which techniques are the most desired.

Artist-In-Residence Programs
Tailor a program of fiber techniques to your curriculum and students. Techniques covered may include: mudcloth, papermaking, basketry, bookmaking, felting, weaving and spinning. Contact me to discuss your ideas.
Length of time to be determined between organization and artist.