Wrapping up Christmas

Whew! Just finished a whirlwind 4+ days of kids and food and music and food and hugs and food and laughter and food and … food … and …

Our three boys and their loves came in for Christmas – we’ve got the ‘relative rotation’ going quite nicely so that each year they all are scheduled to come in together for either Christmas or Thanksgiving. The holiday of the off-year is really quiet, but the at-home holiday is just grand! The boys and their girls are so comfortable with each other it is just so fun to be a part of their banter and horse-play. I know there will be a time when one of them can’t make it, but I really do love their being here.

The music was in the form of our playing (my love) and singing (both of us) for four services during Christmas Eve and Day. ‘Twas lovely, but a lot of work, too, when you count in all the practices and the extra time needed to set-up, take-down and generally be prepared.

The food – well, what can I say? After all, it IS Christmas! 🙂 I did my bit of baking, the Historical Society paid their debt to my love with their annual pile of cookies, two sons brought in huge amounts of cookies and goodies sent graciously from their respective in-laws, and various other relatives and friends and presented themselves at the door with goodies in hand. On top of that, we’ve had huge festive feasts for dinners (with copious leftovers) and great amounts of tasty cheeses to keep any stray hunger pangs at bay.

The hugs and laughter were a common part of it all. We all got silly and loud. And lots of good memories were shared.

The kids are all back in their respective homes, we’ve washed the last of the sheets and remade the beds and found the stray coffee cups. Signs of Christmas are still around with the tree and decorations and a few wrapped gifts under the tree for other family later this week, but it is a lot quieter. Their presence is still felt, even if all their things are gone.

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