New baby!

I just got home yesterday with a new baby!  Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!extended Critter hollander beater

extended Critter hollander beater
Haven’t christened it yet, but I’m sure it will get a good name – and I KNOW it will have a good home.
Very slightly used, the Critter hails from New Zealand where Mark Lander creates them. The Critter is a home-sized Hollander beater for making paper pulp for hand papermaking. It works great with plant fibers and cotton cloth.
I haven’t gotten mine up and running yet (need to attach a motor!), but I worked with Gin Petty’s for the past couple days to get a feel for the machine and what it will do. A grand experience – played with wheat straw, cotton rag and hickory.
It may take a bit to find the right spot and set up – not sure if it will be outside or downstairs – but I’m hoping to get a lot of use out of it.  If nothing else, it will make getting pulp ready for papermaking classes a breeze!