Some pics

Back from the beach and feeling good.  Not great yet, but every day is definitely better.  Thanks, all, for your continued thoughts and prayers and good wishes!  It all helps!

While I was gone my love finally placed the outdoor pieces I had been painting right before surgery intervened in my life.  I’m pleased with the placement although I thought he would’ve planted them in the woods.  They certainly catch your eye amidst all the dusty browns of our dry fall.

My new Critter has been sitting forlornly in the garage awaiting some plants and water. The hot tub duckies noticed and migrated!

Hot tub duckies taking over the Critter!
Hot tub duckies taking over the Critter!

Bee happy

Today was a lovely day to be outside. I’ve got some gut grids promised for the local library wall that needed work. With some sunshine and a bit of shade by midday, the deck was the perfect spot to work.

So, there I am, enjoying the gentle breeze under the trees on the deck, intently wrapping gut around willow rod intersections, minding my own business, and I get buzzed.
carpenter bee tasting fresh gut


The little/big guy didn’t seem to pay me much attention, but he was sure interested in the gut I was using. He walked all over it, smelled it, possibly licked it, certainly tasted it. Or maybe he was just sucking the water off the surface of the gut. In any case, he sure seemed to like the fact that the gut was there.

I hope he doesn’t come to expect it everyday.

**Hurray!  Finally got the picture to show!  Now, to remember what I did for the next time….

Why do I think I can do everything? The body is just not as young as it once was, but the interest is constantly expanding!!!!!!! It is all good stuff – interesting, exciting, challenging, needed – just lots of it. Especially this past week.

One of the things I did NOT get to this week – at least not so far – was working on the second class of the journal making online workshop I’m taking. The administrator of the workshop did set up a public flikr site so we can post pictures for others to see. Some really nice looking journals are being made by this very diverse and far-flung group – I think there are well over 30 members in the group and they hail from Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, and I think Sweden and Finland (I may be off on a couple countries since I haven’t been paying close attention lately) plus a few others I know I’m forgetting.

I have managed to cross everything off my lists each day that absolutely needed doing which is a relief. The would-like-to-dos, though, have languished. Except for time in the hot tub. I guess I sort of put that in the must-do category – it keeps me going!

So, before the next storm hits, that’s where I’m heading! I’ll get back to the lists after that.