Get ready…

… For a fabulous adventure! I will be heading down under early next month for three very full months of teaching, traveling and time with friends.

The piles are growing of things I need and want to take along. Making sure it all fits and comes in within the weight limit will be a trick!

My hope is to keep this blog updated regularly during my travels…. Time will tell!


What I’ve been doing…

A busy time right now….  Come to think of it, most times are busy!

Anyway, getting ready for my first appearance at the 10th Annual Fashion Show and Boutique of the Textile At Alliance (TAA – associated with the Cleveland Art Museum). I will have work in the fashion show as well as a booth in the boutique. The hardest part right now is sewing tags on all the silk scarves I’ve dyed this past year!

Here are some glimpses of some of the garments (repurposed and some rearranged) that will be available for new owners:

                 Imagered and grey         

          browns and olive

elegant rust

mud circles skirt            mud lines skirt

locut leaves shirt

Sales wrap up and up next

A big thank you to all you came by my booth at Harmony Lodge and Clifton Cultural Arts Center or shopped the Weavers Guild Fall Sale – the last three weekends have been very good for my inventory of naturally dyed clothing and scarves.

I now get a breather from sales concerns and can focus on family!  We’ll be gathering for Thanksgiving dinner with our sons and their wives …. and our two new grandchildren!  I’m all prepared to do some major cuddling.

Wishing all of you, where ever you are, a time of peace, gentleness, and generosity.

In the news!

I’m thrilled with the article in today’s paper concerning the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen member exhibit at the Carnegie Art Center in Covington, KY.

Thanks, Jackie, for the great write-up and Liz, for the cool pictures!!