Get ready…

… For a fabulous adventure! I will be heading down under early next month for three very full months of teaching, traveling and time with friends.

The piles are growing of things I need and want to take along. Making sure it all fits and comes in within the weight limit will be a trick!

My hope is to keep this blog updated regularly during my travels…. Time will tell!


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    1. Anne – thanks! If you are downsizing your paper stash, I could use whatever you want to get rid of for my Alice Springs and Wrapt classes. And any wool jumpers that are going out to the op shop could detour to Alice Springs! Hate to have you make piles for me, but I promise I will remove them by the end of my stay! THANK YOU!

  1. Wow! You Go Girlfriend!! Can I be your minion? Sounds like a great opportunity and getting paid for it too! Have a wonderful experience. Safe travels, Kathy

  2. 3 months??? I’m beginning to think you should apply for Australian citizenship! Have bunches of fun (not that I need to tell you to do that), and safe travels.

    1. Hah! Visa application was a bit trickier this time – recent governmental changes to categories – and I was down to the wire for applying and sweating it. Got it approved in SIX HOURS! Wonder if that would happen for citizenship application… Thanks, Gin!

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