Ready, Set……

Oh, HURRAY! It got cold! I was so afraid that the temperatures would remain mild here while I’m in Africa – I want to know that I am basking in warmth instead of having my nose nipped with the cold. Now I can go with confidence. 🙂

My list got some check marks today: made the “portable pocket”, copied the necessary documents, washed the mudded bandannas that I want to take.

A last minute potential catastrophe has been averted. I wound up needing to get a new printer/toner cartridge to finish off the last of the documents I wanted to take with me. Didn’t take the old one along to the store, silly me! The young geek assured me of the model I needed, which absolutely did not fit when I got it home. So, a trip back to the store this evening with my love to make sure I got the correct cartridge.

The piles still aren’t in the bags yet, but they are much more organized, or at least I am thinking they are. And I have until 4pm to be ready to roll. What else am I going to do tomorrow?!?!? Other than start the knitting project I want to take along so security won’t be inclined to ban my needles, send out travel announcements to friends, initiate an auto-responder for my email, finish up the cottage cheese so it doesn’t grow things in the fridge while I’m gone, set up an appointment with my tax guy for when I get home, maybe change the sheets on the bed and do a load of laundry,…

Frog Spit and Packing

The countdown has begun. Actually, it probably started a while ago, but it is much more manageable now – 2 days left! As I type this, right now in two days I will be boarding a plane to go to Paris and then on to Bamako, Mali. Can’t wait!

The packing hasn’t really started, but it is ready to happen. All that I need is laying around in piles on the floor of what is currently the sewing room (used to be T’s room). About the only thing I think I still need to do is make copies of important documents that I’ll be bringing with me, like yellow fever vaccination card, credit cards and visa. Already have the passport copied. Oh, and make a portable “pocket” to use with the pants that don’t have any.

The hair got cut today, found a converter to go with the adapter that will make charging my camera batteries possible, and counted out all the vitamins, etc. that I will need. Sure wish I didn’t have to take the original bottles for the vitamins and echinecea as they take up space, but, oh well. I do have all my carry-on liquids and gels in a clear zip-lock baggie, ready for inspection.

Speaking of which, our travel agent just informed us that most of her clients come off the Air France flight without their luggage – it isn’t lost but it doesn’t typically surface for up to five days. Better pack that carry-on judiciously.

Good friend GP wished me well and has her lucky frogs spitting in my direction. I’m told that you don’t mess around with frog spit – it works. I’m just glad I don’t have to be within range for it to be effective. Thanks, GP!

If you are interested, the itinerary for the trip is posted at the bottom of the home page of my website.