Cookies… and not cookies

I’ve been up to my elbows today in cookie and brownie doughs and gut.  Not at the same time, mind you.  That conjurs images of a very sloppy mess.  Although, I bet you could stuff casing with cookie dough and then bake it, and wind up with a tube of cookie! With the gut so well cleaned out, I bet you wouldn’t tase it.
The cookies and  brownies are part of my contribution to our parish festival, St. Aloysius in Shandon – desserts for the chicken dinner. I don’t do cakes or pies well, so the brownies and cookies cover that gap. The folks running the festival are actually very happy for whatever dessert shows up!

The gut has been going on orbs of various sizes and shades of brown. These will be taken to Indy Art Center first thing on Monday for the start of our installation in the sculpture gardens behind the Center. I had a piece of gut earlier today that was yards long!  Filled the entire plastic container I was using. Other than being a pain to rinse out due to its getting tangled upon itself, it is great to have such length, even though I wind up cutting it into smaller pieces. Will take some gut with me, just in case…

I’m hoping to report on the progress of the installation while in Indy – and include pictures.  I’m sure I’ll have a raft of pics when I get home, too.  Thinking cool weather thoughts for next week… but expecting hot and humid while we climb in and among the trees.

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