You won’t believe what I did the other day. In fact, I’m still having a hard time believing it myself.

I purchased …………………. grapevines!

After all these years of traipsing through the woods and checking out fence rows, I’ve now narrowed the hunt to the wreath isle of Hobby Lobby.

Of course there are some mitigating circumstances. Like, the weather was too cold – until this weekend anyway. Like, my hands haven’t pulled vines in so long I don’t think I have the strength in them anymore (plus the bit of arthritis I’m keeping at bay would probably erupt after some strenuous use). And especially like, the leaves aren’t out at the moment and there is no way I’m going to plow into a mess of vines and know for sure that there is no poison ivy.

If this quest was just for me I would wait till later in the spring when at least two of the above circumstances would be negated. But, I have promised to make a copy of a flower/plant basket for a church in town who would like to use it in their Easter decorations. They had a whole set of similar baskets and now one is missing. Hence the request to make one to look like the others.

So, the next order of business is to find a container big enough to hold the 4ft diameter wreath that I bought for the large vines in it. The two smaller wreaths fit (sort of) into a flat plastic tub that my love had on hand for mixing cement. There is sap coming out of the vines – good sign. Hopefully all the heavier pieces will work.

Biggs said they would have kids’ wading pools by next week. Mission accomplished!

All that is left is to make the basket.

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