First Anniversary

Did a little bit of research and found that it’s been over a year that I wrote my first blog entry. I have no idea how successful this has been to anyone else, but I do like how I’ve been able to record various events and travels.

I don’t keep a diary even though other artists are always extolling the virtues of keeping a journal. I did follow The Artist’s Way first-thing-in-the-morning routine of writing for several months, at one point. (One morning I stopped, thinking I’d go back to it the next day, but never did.  I guess I can always start again…)
I thoroughly enjoy reading an author with a good imagination and witty way with words. And I always sort of fancied that I could write.

I don’t think I measure up to the writers that I like, and sometimes I feel a bit guilty about not writing more, but I guess I haven’t done too badly for the first year.

I may start including more of the “snippets of life” and not worry if there isn’t as much of the fiber stuff, although THAT will always be part of my life.

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