Nice dye!

Lovely stuff, that American Smoketree!

I’ve got some pics up of what it looks like on plain cloth, alum mordanted cloth and cloth that was dipped in a strong soda ash solution (about 12 pH or higher – I find it hard to tell at those high ranges as the test paper is very dark). All cotton. And then also some pics of what it looks like after it is rinsed.

Love the intensity of color that the wood gives. And there is a surprising amount of green in the dead leaves, too. Always fun to see how alum will take things and the soda ash was a last minute thought.

Not much came out in the water. Darkest rinse water from the soda ash cloth.

Don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but the alum cloth was dipped twice in the wood dye before the cloth was dry – the tip of it is a bit darker. The pictues also seem to show a bit more green in the rinsed cloths than I can really see.

Now to find some time to try mud on the dye and see if it works anything like the Mali dyes.

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