My scissors got a workout today. In the process of getting ready for a week of artist-in-residency at the Batesville Middle School, I needed to come up with a new pop-up card design. The one we used last October was definitely a Halloween variety and would definitely not do.

Except….the art class has been doing masks lately, so a face pop-up would fit. One of the face cards I made uses eyes that have the ‘whites’ popping out. The other one uses a reverse fold to give eyelids with an extra fold to help that work.

I also got hooked on a little bug pop-up – six legs on a rounded body. Couldn’t get the antennae to work without gluing them on, but that’s okay. The legs pop out from the body so there is an extra fold to make it work.

So, with snips here, cuts there, folds and refolds, I have three card designs that I think will work well. Guess I better get some pictures of them – tomorrow.

The cards will get made the last day of the week. We’ll start with papermaking – the kids are tearing up bits of colored papers for the pulp. Then we’ll do a couple days of mudcloth work – individual and group – and include the ‘mud dance’. A day of basketry making a twined garlic basket fills out the week.

And it WILL be a full week. And fun. Better get going on the rest of the supplies.

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