Rock Paper Scissors

That’s the title of the exhibit that opens on Friday, March 12 at the Oxford Community Art Center in Oxford, OH. Moya Jones and I are exhibiting our fiber art there through April 3. Opening reception is Friday, March 12, 6-8pm.

We hung the show on Monday without too much difficulty. Some of the work just begged to be shown next to each other!  Here’s how the first wall looked as we worked: "Rock Paper Scissors" at Oxford Community Art Center

It was funny how we thought of each other’s work: I figured Moya would have lots of color in her quilts (which she does!) and she figured I would be fairly neutral in color (which is true for the most part). What we both didn’t realize is that we each are starting to move in the opposite color direction!

Moya has some lovely rust dyeing work that is full of rich browns and greys/blacks. And I have some recycled paper/book work that is fairly bursting with all sorts of color. So our work really melds together well.

I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the show – look forward to seeing you on Friday!

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  1. Hello Judy,
    I am intrigued by your mud cloths and am especially moved by your prayer flags for life (Japanese reference to the prayer cards) juxtaposing with the mud cloth on elegant silk was an exquisite choice of materials. I am amazed at your work as I have taken a long hiatus from textiles and only recently surfaced using animal fibers, unscoured and uncarded.

    my work can be seen at

    1. Deb – I’m delighted that you found my way to my blog and pictures. And I thank you for your very kind words. Your felted pieces are super – I love your colors and the translucency you are getting. Your knitted newspaper bags dress is remarkable, too – I recently just twined a bag for bags out of our newspaper bags! It must be in the air!



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