A Bit of Gathering

Loving these mornings – quiet, no demands on time, and especially lovely when sunny!


After some necessary laundering chores, Anne and I set off to see the sea eagle nest on their property. A bird on the scale of our bald eagle, the nest was appropriately huge and impressive in a gum tree – which may be hard to see.image 1 Judy Dominic Fiber Artist The Fiber Art of Judy Dominic┬áLater we actually saw the eagle fly over the cove.


Had a walk through the paddocks which was pleasantly reminiscent of childhood days on our farms. And then had to collect some cattails (combungi) to give Anne a taste of basketry. Interestingly, the Giant Pet also wanted a taste! We escaped his attention with enough still in hand.


After depositing the remaining cattails, we made a quick trip into Fish Creek to check out some galleries. Then back home for a bit of a rest.


A lovely late ‘tea/dinner completed this perfect day.

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