Back in Australia

I think time is faster down under!

Had a whirlwind two days of teaching eight lovely and lively students the joys and surprises of twining with seagrass. They all did marvelously well – and may even continue doing it!
(Hmmm…things have changed and I can’t figure out how to add images now! Will figure it out later.)

The Naked Possum, Mussel Inn and Tinky’s are a few of the restaurants/pubs I have visited recently for some very satisfying meals.

Monday was a day of chores (getting ready to leave) and touring as Bruce took us over to see the other end of Golden Bay. It really is a lovely spot on this earth.

We hoped to catch sight of the aurora australis that was being touted as very visible to NZ, but alas… Try as we might, and Nicola DID try a number of different spots for better views, we did not see any lovely sky colors other than the wide array of brilliant stars and planets.

Tuesday was a before-the-crack-of-dawn day, heading to Nelson for our flight to Auckland, winding our way slowly through the crowd of folks assembled for the ANZAC Day dawn service. (Similar to our Veterans Day.)

Lovely to see the mountains we were actually driving through since I missed the views in the dark and rain on the way in.

Bit of breakfast at the airport and we were off. Met up with an older acquaintance and hubby during our layover in Auckland – so good to see Rosemary and Bill! Bit of lunch with them and then off again to Brisbane.

Uneventful flight which was mostly taken up with the life tales of our seat partner. Touchdown, train and a short walk to the overnight accommodations with Anne, Ann, Marion and Tony. A bit of Vietnamese for a late dinner/tea, some pleasant catching up and then a good sleep.

Today, Wednesday, has dawned lovely over is bustling city. Intending to do some city center sightseeing, drop in on a welcoming fellow fiber artist and the. Arrive at the camp where the National Basketry Gathering is happening the rest of the week.

If you don’t hear from me till next week it will be due to

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