Quick Catch-up

i have been remiss in keeping up-to-date on my travel adventure So!


In quick order since I need to get out to teach this morning…


Investigated Nicola’s willow patch and found signs of aphids and cycadas- she will need to spray!


Got my hair trimmed – so much better now!


Visited the Whareriki (sp?) beach and saw seal pups up close – the rest of the family nearby. Hilly track from car park to beach.

image 17 Judy Dominic Fiber Artist The Fiber Art of Judy Dominic


Visited the Farewell Spit beach where the huge number of whales beached during the past summer. Low tide land stretched forever – easy to see how they beached.


Found another baby whale recently made next to the big one – the family continues to grow!


Met one of the weekend tutors – she and family live on a huge skow that they sailed in on, are fixing up and intending to sail out again on in the future!


Ready for for the Go Wild Iwth Willow Weekend to start shortly -should be great! Gotta run!

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