Bench Bottles

One of my activities last week was to teach some day care kids about Mali and mudcloth. I will be going back to them later this summer and doing some basketry; while I was there I picked up a large garbage bag full of empty 2-liter plastic bottles. I will be cutting them  later, using the sides to make spokes and leaving the bottom intact. Makes for a not too difficult basketry project that any age can handle.

Well, I pulled the bottles out this afternoon and gave them a good rinsing. No need to have any stickiness hang around, even though I probably won’t get to cutting them any time soon. I left them sitting upside down on the park bench we have in the back of the house next to our ‘pond’ – perfect drying rack – and then promptly forgot all about them.

My love is a very smart man. As he was changing his clothes after work, he noticed the bench full of bottles all upside down and empty. His question was put very tactfully: “Is that an installation, or….?” img_2832.jpg    img_2831.jpg

Now that he has mentioned it, I rather like the idea of a bench installation! Have to think of a good name…

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  1. Don’t you just love men who “get it”? Around here, mine asks of stuff cooking on the stove, “Um, is this supper or….” We both have keepers.

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