Bits and pieces

Some random bits and pieces of my days lately:

– My love is saving the leaves of all the daffodil plants as he trims them out – instead of throwing them away. He even asked me if I wanted them without my having to ask for them!

– Some major planning was done over the weekend regarding our upcoming family reunion. 78 people have committed to coming. The oldest is 66 and the youngest will be just a couple of months old when we all gather.

– I joined a ‘poem on hand made paper’ swap – that will make sure I do some papermaking soon!  I’m thinking that I’ll use the asparagus stems that I’ve been saving in the freezer for this. Guess I better write a poem, too!

– Using pieces of interior design cloth  samples for small journal covers.

– Working out some kinks in a new mudcloth method that is proving far better than anything I’ve come across so far – other than the real thing in Mali!

-Lost my voice for a few days – it is back but not very strong yet. Deep and husky but not even close to sexy. A tickle in the throat seems to be almost constant.

-Came across four variations of the bullion crochet stitch – very interesting!

-Was part of a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the textiles in the Miami University Art Museum collection – quite wonderful! They have some really stylish jackets from Poland and Hungary that I fell in love with. It was fun deducing the techniques used. And so much done by hand!!!!!!!!!

-Missed a 90th birthday party!  So sorry, Millie!  Hope it was a fun time!

Scrumbling in the red

Sorry about being so quiet lately, but I’ve been busy putting a scad of ‘patches’ together into a scrumbled vest.  Spent last year during intermittent TV time making the patches – in shades of reds and blues and everything in between. Mostly knitted, but there was some crocheting thrown in. And very little of the knitting was regular.

Well, actually, all of the knitting was  regular.  It just wasn’t necessarily done in a regular way. The knits and the purls are as they should be as well as the single and double crochets. They just happen to go in every-which-way direction.

scrumbled patch for a vest
scrumbled patch for a vest

So now I’ve been putting all the patches together to resemble a vest.  This is where the knits and purls and single/double crochets can get a bit weird as there are very few straight lines and lots of nooks and crannies to fill in.  I think this is the part I like the most – absolutely no limits to what it takes to get it together!  There would be no way I could tell anyone how to do it, other than “do whatever it takes to get your desired result”.

It’s  looking pretty decent at the moment.  Lots of yarn tails to tuck in from all the stops and starts.  Hoping to have it finished by the end of the week – including a lining for it plus a pocket.  Will get a picture up of the finished product eventually.

Cookies… and not cookies

I’ve been up to my elbows today in cookie and brownie doughs and gut.  Not at the same time, mind you.  That conjurs images of a very sloppy mess.  Although, I bet you could stuff casing with cookie dough and then bake it, and wind up with a tube of cookie! With the gut so well cleaned out, I bet you wouldn’t tase it.
The cookies and  brownies are part of my contribution to our parish festival, St. Aloysius in Shandon – desserts for the chicken dinner. I don’t do cakes or pies well, so the brownies and cookies cover that gap. The folks running the festival are actually very happy for whatever dessert shows up!

The gut has been going on orbs of various sizes and shades of brown. These will be taken to Indy Art Center first thing on Monday for the start of our installation in the sculpture gardens behind the Center. I had a piece of gut earlier today that was yards long!  Filled the entire plastic container I was using. Other than being a pain to rinse out due to its getting tangled upon itself, it is great to have such length, even though I wind up cutting it into smaller pieces. Will take some gut with me, just in case…

I’m hoping to report on the progress of the installation while in Indy – and include pictures.  I’m sure I’ll have a raft of pics when I get home, too.  Thinking cool weather thoughts for next week… but expecting hot and humid while we climb in and among the trees.