…GO! and GONE!!!

Whew! The last big thing to do before leaving – getting flights in place for when I teach for FTWG in March – has been accomplished.

The bags are packed. The appointment with the tax guy has been set. The emails notes have been sent. The autoresponder is almost in place.

Need a quick trip to the bank (again!) and maybe a quick look over in JoAnn’s for #7 circular non-metal needles (the project I want to work on during the flights needs that size and I only have one metal circular #7), a shower, a bit of lunch (cottage cheese and my anti-malarial pill along with it), and…. I think that does it!

I will most likely forget something, but at this point, it can’t possibly be important.

Someone recently commented about the 1,000 stories I will have to tell from this experience. I hope the getting ready counts as part of the stories. 🙂 Only 999 more to go!

I’m off! (Friends have been saying that for years.) Catch me back here, hopefully in a couple days, to find out what Mali and the trip is like!

Promises kept

In the midst of this week’s craziness, I decided that I needed to follow up on some promises I made earlier:

The audio book I just finished is Winter Prey by John Sandford. A murder mystery with below zero temps; kept me listening.

The cuff-to-cuff sleeves I am working on:cuff-to-cuff sleeves

…and the yarns I’m using:yarns for cuff-to-cuff Adding other yarns as I work is always a possibility.

Hmmmm…. there was probably more, but that’s it for now.

The Start of a Crazy Week.

This is going to be a crazy week. I have somewhere to be and something to do every day. Most of it involves hauling things and having lists ready. I love being involved, but I sure do hate to be out of the house and away from the studio/office all the time. Especially when I have a ton of things to have ready before I leave next week.

Last night I picked up some knitting that I started last year. I have a book on tape I want to finish and needed something to do while listening – a murder mystery set in wintry Wisconsin. (Will post the title and author when I have it in front of me – don’t want to give misinformation.) The knitting project is a cuff-to-cuff sweater/jacket using a variety of brown wools and novelties. Most of the browns I dyed in walnut juice years ago and never got around to using, so I’m feeling good about working out of my stash. I’ve got both sleeves going at once using two long circular needles – that way I know they will be the same length.

Drat, I don’t seem to remember to take pictures until I sit down at the computer. And the studio is inside the house and downstairs. And it is raining outside right now. And … I’m just going to be lazy about it and promise a picture another day.

Need to get another list ready….