“Crazy Quilt”

I have been remiss lately – totally forgot to report on the final two pots of cooked paper fibers.

The corn husks turned out okay – still better with cotton linters added than just plain. The Christmas cactus was such a limited amount that I didn’t even try to make a sheet of just that pulp. I added cotton linters and it made a nice sheet with chunks of leaf showing. Don’t know if it would be different if the leaves had been fully hydrated naturally.

Yesterday I hung some really nice quilts at the Weavers Guild house as theme decoration for the play “Crazy Quilt”. The Guild house is being used as the venue for this play by local playwright Alan Jowaiski (sp?). The quilts are a combination of member-made, group-made and made by relatives. Some are very old and lovely; some are very newly minted and full of vitality.
“Crazy Quilt” went off without a hitch last night  with a small but enthusiastic crowd.  At times humorous and serious, and loosely based on a couple of fairy tales, the play portrays two of the myriad of events that can change the course of lives, causing people to ‘stitch’ their lives back together in a less than perfect pattern. According to the director, and possibly since our venue permits an up-close-and-personal feeling to the performance, last night’s audience was more responsive than at the performance in Indianapolis.

The final performance is Tuesday, October 16, 7pm.  Tickets are $10 either through Enjoy the Arts (513.621.4700) or at the door. Limited seating. Approximately one hour in length without intermission…but then, who was watching the clock?!

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