Earthquake and Tsunami

I was going to write about all the happenings in the last couple days, but was shocked to see the earthquake and resulting tsunami hitting Japan. Watching it in real time – the power is awesome and so devastating.  There was some time for warning – no idea yet how many people were able to respond. The view from the helicopter news cast didn’t get close enough to be able to tell what all was in the rubble and froth of the water. I pray for all of Japan.

And there are tsunami watches out for Australia and Papua New Guinea among other islands and countries. Sending safe and protective thoughts to all involved.

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  1. It’s been really “lively” over there for the last few months … floods, earthquakes, tsunamis. My prayers go out for the safety of all those in danger. You keep safe, Judy! We want you back home in one piece.

  2. I can’t’ even imagine what being in a quake of such magnitude would be like… Years ago, I rode on a simulator that was supposed to show you what a 8.0 on the Richter scale would be like. And this one was supposed to be almost 10 times greater? Shows how insignificant we are compared to the natural processes which surround us.

    Glad to hear you’re ok and pray that the tsunami’s effects around the pacific rim are minimal along with prayers for all those in Japan who have been affected by this powerful act of nature…

    1. Insert the following into my comments on the earthquake simulator (thinking faster than I can type again)… “and the ride shook me so hard that I felt like I would break!”

  3. I’m not a TV watcher, but I’ve spent the day glued to CNN. The earthquake was terrible, but the tsunami aftermath was horrifying. Watching it live rolling in carrying all the debris…I sat there absolutely stunned. I understand there was a death in California from the tsunami there. Four people were washed out into the ocean. I think three were rescued, but the other is still missing and presumed dead. They’d gone down to the beach to watch the waves. I hope you fine everything and everyone safe in Papua New Guinea. I worry about them, and frankly, about you.

    1. You are absolutely right about watching the tsunami in real time. I hadn’t heard about the CA death. All is well here and everywhere I’ve checked. Appreciate your concern. It’s fine to worry about someone else now!

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