One thing for sure

I’ve been thinking of you all a lot lately – just haven’t had a chance to post.

More blank journals are in process. I’ve been having fun developing the cover materials – odds and ends of fabrics that I’ve had around the house, some mudcloth, some sheers, playing with layers and what shows through or not, adding graphite for interest, ‘quilting’ the whole lot of it. I keep forgetting to take pictures – sorry!  Will need to get some posted soon.

The whole idea of making a ‘fabric’ is quite consuming right now. Even with the gourds in the way, begging to be finished. The thought of making new, reusing, recycling all the fun stuff around the house into new ‘cloth’ – I get a bit antsy to try it all out to see if it really will work. Will show some pics of the various ‘fabrics’ after a few more trials.

Some energies have been directed in other areas, too – volunteer interests are taking more time, unexpected health issues popped up in the family, last minute decisions to enter shows put me into scramble mode.

It all works out, though, in the end. Or at least I’m counting on that, since I’m not expecting to get to the end anytime soon.

The only thing I know for sure is that my bass playing is improving.

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