Playing with scissors

This evening I attended our local basketry guild meeting. We had the usual complement of members (about 16 or so), some really nicely made show and tell items from classes taken during the conference at Stowe, a bit of business to conduct and some delicious munchies to keep us fueled.

Our program/project was paper quilling. Slender strips of paper wound tightly and then glued into place to create lovely designs.

One of our members came in with her hair down – literally. She has been complaining about how long it has gotten for a couple months now. Usually she keeps it quite short, but hasn’t had the energy or time to get to a clip joint since December, I think she said.

Well, she was there, I was there, a number of scissors were there….and since I really hadn’t planned on doing the quilling, had already eaten more than I needed and was at loose ends…..

Started out by just trimming it shorter to get it off her shoulders. Looked quite nice, but she was ready for shorter. So I called upon my years of haircutting experience with my boys and trimmed her close. Turned out pretty good, I think. She said liked it. She even got a round of applause from the group when she emerged from the bathroom where we did the more extreme clipping. At least she’ll have a cooler head as the weather warms up. Hope she didn’t itch too much on the drive home from stray hairs down her back.

Told the rest of the group to call for appointments if they wanted the salon open during meetings.

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