The pocket book is coming along. Probably should have used a template to get them all the same size and shape, but then the pockets are different sizes and shapes. Some with flaps, some with buttons, some stand alone. The cloths are different weights of silk as well as different colors. There is this one – a dreamy suede-like silk in a deep gold woven in a lovely shimmery flowery pattern – if the shirt had fit I would be wearing it!

All the shirts come from a thrift shop in the area. Great way to find a variety of different cloth. The shirts were originally purchased with the idea of ripping them up and combining them with some of my mudcloth into vests or whatever. They got as far as being washed and considered….

At least, now, they are being used. And I have plenty of scraps to work into my original thought.

Making those first cuts was the hardest thing….

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  1. Yes, will certainly do pictures once it comes together. Taking a bit of a breather to run up to Cleveland for a couple days. Thanks for asking!

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