Sunny paper day

Oh, a quite lovely day here!  We’ve been having unbelievably warm weather for November. In the mid 70s the past couple days and one more to go. Then we’ll hit more normal temps.

To celebrate the lovely day, and mostly to clear out a bit of space in the freezer, I thawed out two bags of recycled paper pulp (one pinkish and one green) and pulled sheets today. On the deck. In the sun. Wearing a t-shirt.

Used the sliding glass doors as my drying racks.

It is amazing how much darker it is inside the house with the sheets of paper on the doors. And it has a  Japanese feel to it for some reason.

As I worked, using a blender to ‘fluff up’ the previously frozen pulp, I could hear the Hollander beater calling out “come play with me, too!”  It’ll have to wait for another warm day……..

2 Replies to “Sunny paper day”

  1. I’ve experienced the same “darkened day” thing! So weird.

    True story…. One fall I was using the sliding glass doors to dry a huge number of sheets. I’d put one set up and let them dry. Then I’d take them down, wash the doors and put up another set. Later I learned that the elderly woman who lives across from me had commented to another neighbor that she was really, really worried about Gin. “I saw her cleaning the same set of windows three times in one day!” Apparently she missed seeing the times there was paper drying on them. 🙂

    As for the Hollander…it will be there.

  2. I’m glad that you enjoyed the good weather! I’ve been outside a lot too. Did you see that I got a new bunny? This one is a satin and she makes the French buck feel coarse (which he is not). Maybe I’ll bring her to Adopt-a-school this year.

    Good luck on Thursday. I’ll be thinking of you!

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