While I’ve been quiet…

I know I have been silent for quite a while.

Prayer Flags for Life
Final installation work inside Xavier University Student Center.

THIS is what I’ve been doing! As the picture shows, we just finished installing it this morning.

By the numbers:

2 panels each 20′ wide x ~17′ high

two 10′ cpvc pipe sections per panel

50 mudded silk scarves per section

200 total mudded silk scarves

3 spools silk thread

~ 6 c black MI mud, ~3 c orange GA mud, ~1/8 tsp burnt umber pigment

12 ferrule and stopper sets

4 S-hooks

4 turnbuckles

150′  of  1/16″ wire cable

minimum 240′ of 20 lb test monofilament

approx 10′ black duct tape

2-3′ of masking and clear duct tape

7 helpers (including one documentarian and one extremely capable,  strong brother!)

and one wonderfully helpful and supportive husband who put up with all sorts of things while I was immersed in this project!

More pictures and details will follow soon.

7 Replies to “While I’ve been quiet…”

    1. That is the hope. Not much air movement while we were there, but then a lot of the scarves are still tight with static electricity. I’m hoping that with enough coffee and talk and body heat from the first floor food court, the silks will relax and really float.

  1. Aunt Judy! You are awesome!!! That looks wonderful and you ought to go there and videotape the movements of the work then post it online so us far away folks can view it in action!

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