Win some, lose some

I have had a mixed bag of success lately – running about 50/50.

Last week I answered a call for artists from a upscale gallery in Columbus, OH. I haven’t tried a gallery in a long time, so this was a stretch out for me. They sounded potentially interested; I drove to Columbus with artwork in the van. It only took a moment to realize that we were not destined to form a partnership. They had a nice gallery and all, filled with slick and sleek aluminum, glass, contemporary paintings in wild and bright colors. All of which made my work disappear. Oh well, it was a pleasant drive and I had a good book going.

Today I showed my work to the art department head at a local university. Their fiber arts faculty member is contemplating being out of town for the first three weeks of the upcoming fall semester – and was I interested in filling in for her? The head of the department just wanted to be reassured that I knew what I was talking about when it came to fiber techniques. I’ll most likely be teaching mudcloth and some forms of basketry with gut usage thrown in. Will nail down all the particulars when we know for sure that there are enough students signed up for the class. This won’t do much for the wallet, but will be great on the resume.

Probably the best thing that has happened in the last couple days is finding some local potentially really great sludge to use. My brother brought me a couple shovel fulls – have to give it a go and see how it does.

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